Who we are

Marketing in todays’ environment can be overwhelming.

A plethora of marketing channels exist, but knowing which ones are right for your business and how best to utilise them can be an ongoing challenge.

Tess & Co was born from a desire to assist small and medium sized businesses design and execute strategic marketing plans that ensure maximum growth.

Our clients often come to us challenged by questions

Which marketing channels are
right for my business?

How should I position my brand and
communicate our point of difference?

My business is growing organically,
but how do I take it to the next level?

How can I convert my social media
followers into sales?

How can I manage all this marketing
activity and run my business?

If I invest in this advertising opportunity,
what will my return on invest be?

An extension of your existing business

We work with businesses as an extension of their existing team to create strategic marketing plans, build sustainable and relevant brands and maximise your return on investment. We are driven by results that are derived from well thought out strategic plans.

Our team

Tess Jane

Tess started Tess & Co in 2016 with a passion for helping businesses develop marketing strategies that drive growth and success.

As a results driven, strategic marketer, Tess thrives on watching her clients grow and evolve as she works alongside them.

Prior to starting Tess & Co, Tess held senior Marketing roles at several ASX listed companies.

Briana Knights

Bree brings a plethora experience in brand development, shopper marketing, packaging and first to market concepts.

Bree brings an impressive originality to all her designs; no brief is ever too challenging or too big.

Bree has experience across alcohol, real estate and technology in both large and small agencies in Melbourne, Singapore and London.

Georgina Cruikshank

Georgie has an innate talent for understanding how a brand should present themselves in the digital world.

Georgie’s communication style is both naturally styled and effective in driving results.

Georgie brings extensive experience across retail, residential property, recruitment and start-up.

Sari Schmidt

As a specialist designer and developer, Sari carefully ensures your website is targeted towards your business goals and stands out from the rest.

Sari’s websites are built with both design and function at their heart, ensuring they not only look great but deliver outstanding results.